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Our Team

Dr. Mary-Alice Abbott
Dr. Matthew Fickie
Jan C. Sullivan, genetic counselor
Kristin L. Dalton, genetic counselor
Jolie Kim Matheson, genetic counselor
Sara A. Goldstein, genetic counselor
Amy E. Rooney, genetic counselor



Mary-Alice Abbott, M.D., PhD, FACMG

Medical School: University of Massachusetts Medical School

Residency: University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Connecticut Children's Medical Center

Board Certification: Am Bd Pediatrics (Certified), Am Bd Genetics - Clinical Genetics MD (Certified)

Specialty: Clinical Genetics 

Interests:  A native of Springfield, Dr. Abbott has a longstanding interest in pediatric genetics. She has a particular interest in pediatric dysmorphology and craniofacial conditions including cleft lip and palate. Her current focus is the pre- and post-natal evaluation and management of individuals with genetic disorders. Dr. Abbott and her team are currently using cutting edge technologies such as fetal MRI and prenatal microarray analysis to diagnose genetic diseases and help families plan for future pregnancies. In addition, she manages the Genetics Therapeutics Service at Baystate where we offer the latest in enzyme replacement and other technologically advanced treatments to patients of all ages with rare diseases, in the comfortable environment of our infusion suite.


Matthew Fickie, M.A., M.D., FACMG

Medical School: University of Missouri, Kansas City School of Medicine

Residency: University of Missouri Columbia School of Medicine

Board Certification: Am Bd Pediatrics (Certified), Am Bd Genetics - Clinical Genetics MD (Certified)

Specialty: Clinical Genetics

Interests:  Dr. Fickie sees patients of all ages with or suspected to have genetic conditions.  He and Ms. Goldstein (below) work together in the Baystate Adult Genetics Clinic where they see adults who were diagnosed with genetic diseases as children (e.g. Down syndrome) or people with adult-onset genetic conditions (e.g. hereditary hemochromatosis).  Theirs is one of only a few such adult genetics clinics nationwide.  Dr. Fickie is interested in the transition of care from Pediatric to Adult medicine, genetic risk assessment for complex diseases, and cancer genetics.


Jan C. Sullivan, RN, MS, CGC

Education: Sarah Lawrence College

Specialty: Genetic Counseling

Interests:  Jan has always had an interest in genetics.  She began her professional career as a NICU nurse; taking care of newborns with birth defects and genetics disorders.  This continued her interest in genetics and led her to pursue a career in genetic counseling.  She attended Sarah Lawrence College and received a Master’s degree in Human Genetics.  Her main interests are clinical dysmorphology and clinical cytogenetics; and she now brings her unique combination of talents together as the Pediatric Clinical Genetics Coordinator here at Baystate Medical Genetics.



Kristin L. Dalton, MS, CGC

Education: Virginia Commonwealth University - Medical College of Virginia

Specialty:  Genetic Counseling

Interests:  Since earning her genetic counseling degree, Kristin has worked at Baystate Medical Center, initially providing care to families in the areas of prenatal, pediatric, adult, and cancer genetics.  Over the years, she has focused her interests and currently specializes in prenatal and preconception genetic counseling.  Kristin enjoys being involved in the training of genetic counseling students and is a member of the advisory board for Boston University School of Medicine’s Genetic Counseling Graduate Program. 


 Jolie Kim Matheson, MS, CGC

Education: Northwestern University

Specialty:  Genetic Counseling

Interests:  Throughout her career, Jolie has been involved in every area of genetics including prenatal/reproductive, pediatric and general genetics.  After receiving her training at Northwestern University, she worked at several major clinical and research hospitals in the Chicago area before moving to Massachusetts and Baystate Medical Center in 2003.  She is now involved in reproductive genetic counseling and coordinating care for patients with lysosomal storage diseases.  Jolie has been active in the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) serving on the Board of Directors in various capacities.  In addition, Jolie has been instrumental in achieving licensure for genetic counselors in Illinois and Massachusetts.


 Sara A. Goldstein, MS, CGC

Education: University of Utah

Specialty: Genetic Counseling

Interests: Sara’s initial introduction to this profession was in an AP biology class in her young high school years. She cultivated her passion for genetics and psychology throughout her college and graduate careers and is now dedicated to the practice of genetic counseling and compassionate care to those in need. Sara counsels in prenatal, cancer and adult clinical settings.  Sara was recently interviewed about a new genetic technology.


Amy E. Rooney, MS, CGC, MBA

Education:University of Utah, Boston University (MBA)

Specialty: Genetic Counseling

Interests:  Before joining the Clinical Genetics team at Baystate Medical Center Amy worked as a genetic counselor in commercial and hospital genetics laboratories where she coordinated pre- and postnatal cytogenetic and molecular analyses.  She now enjoys meeting with patients in the clinical setting and focuses primarily on counseling individuals at increased risk for hereditary cancer syndromes.